April 25, 2022 - 14:15 h CEST

Esports Data Club

Online Streaming

A one-day hybrid conference to discuss the future of the esports industry data and forecasting with experts

The esports industry is booming. But when it comes to information, how trustworthy is the current ecosystem? How are monetisation and business models affecting the ecosystem? What are the actions to take in 2022? What are the risks involved in not taking any actions? Join us to find out!


1. Data Trust

How is esports content produced, disseminated and consumed in an expanding online and "stay-at-home" market? Lead magnets, social media impacts, and other sources configure the esports data ecosystem. Experts will discuss how trustworthy it is.

2. Sponsoring Challenges

Sponsorship dollars continue to pay the freight. How do endemic and non-endemic brands plan their media buys, how do they define their allocation to esports, how do they measure their success and ROI? What role does the agency play and who benefits the most?

3. ROI & Tracking

What is bringing families together, who is the consumer spending the household's money, how is this impacting buying trends, which companies are priming up to making an entrance? And most importantly, how is this measured and populated?

Host Foreword

"The esports industry creates dynamic relations between territories, companies and people, fostering a new culture across the digital and real world. The pandemic has accelerated the development of this industry. In Catalonia it gave rise to a new esports league. We now count 145 companies that employ 4000 people, generating 53 % of Spain's turnover in this industry. At the Esports Data Club event, we will discuss the different challenges of this global emerging trend with international experts and will try to figure out what the future of esports data might look like."

Marie Kapretz, Head of the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia in Germany

The Speakers

DG Innovation and Digital Economy, Government of Catalonia

Project Development Manager, UFEC

Gamer & CEO at Squarebox

CEO at Global Sports Innovation Hub

Data Expert - TracAB

Founder & CEO, DLC Youth

Director, Esports Federation of India

Esports BD - Populous

Journalist, 2Playbook


And many more!


Delegation of the Catalan Government in Germany

Loughborough University, a UK top 10 University with excellence in sport research

Supported by

UPF Barcelona School of Management, Master in Sport Management

Global Sports Innovation Hub powered by Tech Mahindra

The goal of this conference is to bring leaders in esports information technology together to discuss the most relevant challenges in data trust.

The Venue

Delegation of the Government of Catalonia in Germany

Friedrichstrasse 185, 10117 Berlin
Contact Phone: +49 (0)30 208 864 30; Email: de@gencat.cat